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Why WEENTEK DTF Printer Uses Hansen Board

2023-09-27 17:51:32

WEENTEK DTF Printer (Direct to Film) printing utilizes a Hansen board as a crucial component in the printing process. The Hansen board, also known as a release board or transfer board, is a rigid surface with specific properties that aid in achieving optimal ink adhesion and color vibrancy during the heat transfer process. Here are some reasons why WEENTEK DTF Printer printing uses a Hansen board:

Heat Conductivity: The Hansen board is made of materials that possess good heat conductivity properties. When the WEENTEK DTF Printer film is placed on the board and exposed to heat from the heat press machine, the board efficiently transfers heat to the ink and powder layers, facilitating the bonding process between the ink and fabric.

Flat Surface: The Hansen board provides a smooth and flat surface for the WEENTEK DTF Printer film during the heat transfer process. This ensures uniform heat distribution and consistent pressure across the print area, preventing any distortions or uneven ink transfer onto the fabric.

Stability: The Hansen board is rigid and stable, preventing any unwanted movement or shifting of the WEENTEK DTF Printer film during the heat transfer process. This stability helps maintain accurate registration and alignment of the design, resulting in precise and high-quality prints.

Ink Absorption: The Hansen board has a special coating that aids in the absorption of excess moisture and ink released during the heat transfer process. This prevents smudging and bleeding of the ink, keeping the printed design sharp and well-defined.

Adhesive Protection: The Hansen board acts as a barrier between the WEENTEK DTF Printer film’s adhesive layer and the heat press machine. This prevents any potential transfer of adhesive residue or ink onto the heat press, ensuring its longevity and preventing contamination during future printing jobs.

Durability: Hansen boards are typically made from high-quality materials that are resistant to warping, bending, or damage from heat and pressure. This durability ensures repeated and consistent performance, making them suitable for long-term use in WEENTEK DTF Printer printing.

Easy Handling: Hansen boards are often lightweight and easy to handle, allowing for efficient loading and unloading of WEENTEK DTF Printer films onto the heat press machine. This ease of use helps streamline the printing process and reduces the risk of mishaps or errors.

Versatility: Hansen boards can be used with various types of fabrics and garments, making them versatile for different printing applications. They provide a stable platform for WEENTEK DTF Printer printing on items such as t-shirts, hoodies, caps, and more.

Overall, the Hansen board plays a crucial role in WEENTEK DTF Printer printing by providing heat conductivity, a flat surface, stability, and ink absorption capabilities. It helps ensure consistent and vibrant prints with excellent adhesion to the fabric.

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