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JN-U604 UV DTF Printer

2024-04-10 17:47:44

JoyinJet JN-U604 60cm UV DTF Printer  is used for printing high-quality, full-color designs directly onto special transfer films using ultraviolet curing technology. This allows for the creation of custom stickers, decorated apparel, personalized accessories, signage, and display materials. It is particularly useful for applying prints to irregular surfaces.

JN-U604 60cm UV DTF Printer
Model: JN-U604 60cm UV DTF Printer
Max Media Width: 6500mm (25.59 Inch)
Max Printing Width: 600mm (23.62 Inch)
Printing Media : AB Film
Printing Head: 4 Epson TX800, I1600-U1 or I3200-U1
Printing Speed: 10sqm/hr

JoyinJet JN-U604 60cm UV DTF Printer  which stands for “Ultraviolet Direct to Film” Printer, is a type of printing device that utilizes ultraviolet light to cure (dry and solidify) specialized inks directly onto a thin transfer film. This technology merges the capabilities of UV printing with the process of direct transfer film printing.

Printing: The design is printed in reverse on a transparent film using UV-curable ink. Because the ink is UV-reactive, it doesn’t dry immediately upon contact with air but requires exposure to UV light.

Curing: After the ink is applied to the film, the printer passes the printed material under a UV light source. The UV light quickly cures the ink, turning it from a liquid to a solid.

Adhesive Application: A layer of adhesive material, often in the form of a liquid or a powder, is applied over the cured ink. This adhesive will enable the design to stick to the substrate (the surface to which the print will be transferred).

Transfer Process: Once the print and adhesive layers are cured and ready, they can be applied to a variety of substrates such as plastic, glass, metal, ceramics, and more. The transfer is typically done using heat and pressure, although the specific process may vary depending on the material and equipment used.

This printing method is particularly useful for creating decals, stickers, labels, and transfers for a variety of items, including promotional products, custom apparel, and signage. The UV DTF printing process is known for its versatility, allowing for full-color prints with high detail and durability, without the need to directly print on the object. It also enables decoration of objects that might be difficult to print on due to their size, shape, or material.

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