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EH2 Powder Shaker

EH2Powder Shaker
Easy to Operate.
Universal Matching
Easy Use less Manpower
Suitable For 60cm DTF Printer.
Cooling Fan and Take up System.
Both Chinese & English Language Control Panel.

Main Features


  • 01EH2 Powder Shaker Machine The machine utilizes vibration or shaking mechanisms to disperse the DTF powder uniformly across the surface of the printed adhesive layer. This ensures consistent and precise coverage, avoiding clumps or uneven distribution. Adjustable settings: The shaking intensity and duration can often be adjusted to accommodate different types of DTF powder and printing requirements. This allows for customization based on the specific design and desired outcome.
  • 02EH2 Powder Shaker Machine is designed to control the flow of the DTF powder, preventing excessive or insufficient powder deposition during the shaking process. This helps maintain print quality and minimize wastage. Ease of use: DTF powder shaking machines are typically user-friendly with simple controls and interfaces. They are designed to be intuitive and easy to operate for efficient and hassle-free printing.


  • 03EH2 Powder Shaker Machine usually compatible with various DTF printing systems and can work with different types of DTF powders, ensuring versatility and adaptability to different printing needs.
  • 04Dust collection: DTF powder shaking machines often incorporate a dust collection system to minimize airborne particles and maintain a cleaner working environment. This helps in reducing waste and ensures safe and efficient operation. Speed and efficiency: These machines are designed to enhance productivity by providing a fast and efficient shaking process. They can handle large quantities of DTF powder and quickly distribute it onto the adhesive layer, saving time and increasing production capacity.

Technical Parameter


EH2 Powder Shaker

Working Size


Automatic Grade


Core Components

Motor, Board Card


Easy Operation Low Cost

Power Input

220V, 50~60Hz 2500W

Machine Size


Package Size

1110*810*1120mm=1.01CBM G.W.: 110KGS


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